Ensemble Iberica: Kilmore Carols

September 23, 2014 / Uncategorized




This month I’m working on a musical arrangement for Kansas City’s new Ensemble Iberica. The group specializes in music of Spain and Portugal and is led by Beau Bledsoe, an extremely accomplished guitarist. The season they’ve put together is truly visionary.

The concert will feature Beau along with Victoria Botero (soprano), Trilla Ray-Carter (baroque cello), and the inimitable Ozark fiddle player, Betse Ellis. The ensemble’s website has this to say about the concert:

The Kilmore Carols have a traversed history and geography since medieval Europe. They are ethereal and mystical with only a single melody line, which is ornamented, free-flowing, and unhurried. Complied by an Irish friar, William Devereux, living in Salamanca, Spain who returned to his native village of Kilmore in the County of Wexford, Ireland, they have been performed there every year in an unbroken tradition for over 250 years. 

In our treatment of these carols we will feature a soprano, baroque instrumentation and traditional Ozark fiddle to reflect the different times and geographies that these melodies have lived.


1972 – Kilmore Parish Carol Singers