ensembe iberica

Kilmore Carols

Kilmore Carols

St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Kansas City, MO

With members of Ensemble Ibérica: Victoria Botero – soprano Beau Bledsoe – baroque guitar

Special guests: Betse Ellis – fiddle

Trilla Ray-Carter – baroque cello

Brad Cox, Simon Fink – arrangements

Song of Jerusalem (arr. Simon Fink)

Song of Jerusalem



Jerusalem, our happy home,

When shall we come to thee?

When shall our sorrows have an end?

Thy joys, when shall we see?


There is no rain nor sleet nor snow,

Nor filth mar there be found,

There is not sorrow nor no greif;

All joys do there abound.


They walls are all of precious stones,

They streets are paved with gold,

Thy gates are all of pearls unheard,

Most glorious to behold.


No pain, no care, no sorrows there,

Nor aught but peace is found.

No tongue can tell nor heart can think

What joys do there abound.


Through vast streets in purling streams

The flood of life doth flow,

And on the banks on every side

The wood of life doth grow.


For evermore the trees bear fruit,

And evermore they spring,

And evermore the Saints are glad

And evermore they sing.


David stands with harp in hand

As master of the choir;

Ten thousand times would he be blessed

Who could that music hear.


“Te Deum” doth St. Ambrose sing,

St. Augustine doth him join;

Old Simeon and good Lazarus

Have each their song to sing.


There Magdalen she has less moan,

Likewise there she doth sing,

The happy saints in harmony

Through every street doth ring.


Instead of pearls and purest gold

Our walls are only clay;

Our bodies, too, of the same stuff,

Must mulder first away.